Friday, May 23, 2008

Grace Kelly LDC

This is the video I edited the year before for the same kind of tour.
Grace Kelly by Mika

Knock em' Out LDC

This is a video that I worked on for choir tour last month.
The song is called Knock em' Out by Lily Allen

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Amelie Review

My photography teacher had us watch this movie and asked us to write a small response on it....

In Amelie the protaginist is dressed in red and everything around her is green… not always but most of the time. Which says to me that red probably denotes some kind of passion or love. And the grungy green is the things in life that need to be fixed or that she is trying to fix. You can basically see what I’m talking about within the cover of the movie itself

I also think that the repetitive red and green colors are being used to show warmth and cold feelings for the audience to feel the emotions of the film rather than just see it. The colors take the audience for a journey requiring some thinking. I thought it was not only a good film but that it a masterpiece of the use of color. 

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Ten Photos To Describe Fine Art

Nick Brandt

Chip Forelli

David Burdeny

Dorthea Lange

Richard Avedon

Ruth Bernhard

James Nachtwey

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Europe Trip... Scotland, Wales, England and France

I took a trip over the summer to Europe with my younger brother Chris. We started out in London, England and then went on into Scotland where I served my LDS mission. It was fun to go and see the sites now that i could actually see them and not get weird looks from the locals as these two missionaries in suits, ties and don't forget the name tags walked by. My brother and I saw quite a bit of the land on our own but then shortly after met up with the family in wales for my Father's "Coming Home" concert.

We took a family vacation to France and took loads of photos here are a few of them...